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A-Z of School Life in Scoil Mhuire

A-Z of School Life

Absences:     In the event or a pre-planned absence, please provide notice in written form in advance to the  class teacher. In the event of unplanned absence, children are asked to provide a written note from their parent or guardian upon their return.      Assemblies:                           Assemblies are held on the last Friday of every month. The trophy for the class that has lined up best throughout the month will be presented at Assembly along with any other relevant school business.     Art & Crafts Monies:         Monies for Arts and Crafts are collected by the Class teacher at the start of the year.     Avenue:                           Upon leaving the school at 2.35pm, children walk down the avenue in single file. Children with bicycles are asked to walk down the avenue with their bicycle.     Breaks:                           First Break is from 10.50am to 11.00am. Children have a snack in classroom before going to the yard. Second Break is from 12.25pm to 12.55pm. Children eat lunch from 12.25pm to 12.35pm and they are then escorted to the yard via the toilets. Scoil Mhuire encourages compliance with the school’s ‘Healthy Eating Policy’.    Bike Shed:           Any child cycling to school must put his bike in the bike shed. It will be locked during the day. If leaving school early the child should report to the caretaker to gain access to the shed.     Booklists:     Booklists will be provided at the end of the academic year for the next year. Booklists are also available to download from our website:    Calendar:     The school calendar is available to download from our website:    Copies:     The class teacher will provide a list of copies that your child will require either at the end of the previous academic year or in September. All copies should be labelled with name, class, subject and teacher.     Closing Time:     School ends at 2:35pm. We ask that all children are collected on time.     Circulars from the Department:                           All circulars are available in the Principal’s office.     Corridors:                           Children are asked to walk in an orderly fashion on corridors at all times. No loud noise is permitted when classes are moving on the corridor.    Car Parking:         Car parking is on the Church side of the school yard behind the white line.    Curriculum Documents:     These are all available from our school website:   Croke Park:          Our school has made regular trips to Croke Park down through the years for school finals. In the event of children not going to Croke Park, a designated teacher will remain behind in the school to supervise these children.     Electrical Equipment:     Each class has a Laptop, DVD player and Interactive Whiteboard.    Entrance:     All visitors to the school are asked to use the front entrance. There are no exceptions. This is for security purposes. Please check-in with the School Secretary when you arrive. The visitor’s book is to be signed on arrival and departure.    Extra-Curricular Activities:     The Parent’s Association run after school activities during the first and second term. Teachers may be asked to support this venture and do so at their own discretion. A list of activities is available at .   Fire Drill:              As per obligations, there will be a full Fire Drill each term. Teachers ensure children leave the building in total silence and line up as though on yard break. Teachers call the roll and then report to the School Secretary that all children are present and accounted for.     First Aid:                           First Aid is administered by the School Secretary. If an accident happens on the yard, the child is sent to the Secretary’s Office accompanied by another child.     Football Boots:                           When sport activities are held in the back fields of Marino College, children may wear football boots. Children must however bring a change of footwear. Football boots are never worn in the school building.      Green Schools:                     We were presented with our first green flag in June 2012.    Healthy Eating Policy:     Scoil Mhuire asks that all parents will support the school’s ‘Healthy Eating Policy’. This policy is available to download on our school website:   Homework:           Both written and oral homework is given as appropriate. Children are asked to learn their spellings, read and do mental maths each night. All homework is written in a homework journal. Parents/guardians are asked to sign this journal each night. If homework is not done, we ask that a note of explanation is provided by the parent/guardian. No homework is given on Friday evenings.    Holidays:                           A list of holidays is provided in September to all parents. School closes at 12.15pm on the day of the holidays. A copy of these dates is available from the Secretary or via our website.     Leaving Early:      A child must have a note and be collected from the Secretary’s office unless otherwise stated in the note.      Mobile Phones:                           Children are not allowed to have mobile phones or any other devices such as MP3 players or DS’s in the school. This is a serious breach of school discipline and is treated accordingly. Where a request is made by a parent to allow their child to have a mobile phone in school, it must be turned off and given to the class teacher each morning. It will be returned at 2:35pm.     Medical Issues:                Where a child falls ill or is hurt in the yard, that child is accompanied to the Secretary’s office by a reliable child, where he will be treated appropriately. In the event of serious injury or illness, parents will be contacted.    Medication:          No teacher is authorized to dispense medication to children. This policy is currently under review by the Board of Management.     Nut Allergies:       If a child in your son’s class has a nut allergy, you will be informed by letter in September. In such circumstances, we ask that you refrain from giving your child nuts or nut-based products for their lunch. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.    Open Night:                          An Open Night is held in the school each June to welcome the new second class pupils.      Parents:                          Our school invites parents to participate fully in their child’s education. This is best done by direct consultation with the class teacher. Parents are asked to set up appointments to meet their son’s class teachers at mutually-convenient times.      Parents Association:    There is an active and very progressive Parent’s Association in the school.     Parent/Teacher Meetings:     These are held in January each year.      Policies:     School policies are available to view on our website:  in the ‘About Us' section.    Reports:    Written reports will be issued in June, at least 2 weeks before the end of term.     School Tours:     School tours usually take place in the final term and all school tours are complete two weeks prior the end of term. Staff is mindful of economic difficulties and endeavours to keep expenses to a minimum. If you have any difficulties with payment for school tours, please speak to your son’s class teacher who’ll be happy to help.    Special Needs Team:    We have four teachers in Learning Support/Resource Teaching. They liaise with class teachers in order to provide support for the children in their care.      Staff:     The School consists of the following personnel:    
  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • 11 Mainstream Teachers
  • 4 Special Education Needs Teachers
  • 1 Spanish Teacher
  • 2 Special Needs Assistants
  • 1 Secretary -   Liz Grimes
  • 1 Caretaker - Paul O’Brien
  • 1 Cleaner - Deirdre Perry
  • I.N.T.O. Staff Representative - Vincent Thorpe
  • B.O.M. Staff Representative - Nicola Cahill                                         
  • Chairperson of B.O.M. - Eamonn O’ Dulainn
Staff Meetings:     Staff meetings are held monthly, usually on the last Monday.     Standardised Testing:     English-medium schools are required to implement standardised testing in English reading and Maths during the period May/June for all children in 2nd, 4th and 6th classes with effect from 2012 onwards. Your child’s class teacher will share the test results with you, typically at a parent/teacher meeting or in a school report. You will see the results of the tests on your child’s school report at the end of in 2nd, 4th and 6th classes in the form of percentile rank. Please refer to the ‘Useful Information’ area of our website under the ‘Parent Zone’ for further information.     Toiletry Difficulties:     If your child experiences toiletry difficulties, please inform the class teacher in September by letter.     Uniform:    All boys are expected to wear the full school uniform each day and to keep themselves clean, neat and tidy. Boys are asked to wear black leather shoes. Trainers are not to be worn with the school uniform. All items of clothing must be labelled with the child’s name in September, including jackets and coats.   Website:     Our school website is: